Our Business.

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To connect your “UNTOLD” creativities with Japanese market

#1. Test Marketing

Test marketing on Japanese crowdfunding platform on behalf of you.

◆ If your product is just newly launched or “untold” in new markets, test marketing should be implemented to capture the demand scale.

◆ Setting projection & KPI, we will do test marketing on Japanese crowdfunding platform on behalf of you.

◆ As well as achieving the KPI, we promote your product and try to connect it with off-line channels (specialty store, electronic store, etc.) for our further business (#2).

▲ Let’s say you can sell 1,000- qty of your product by yourself. Then, you might be missing opportunity due to language problem, lack of market knowledge, etc.

◉ Fully using our skill and experience, we enhance total sales even on test marketing, and try to capture the genuine demand scale.

#2. Retailing

Retail via on-line/off-line channels in Japan.

◆ There should be some bottlenecks for start-up company in overseas, such as language problem, lack of promotion knowledge, etc. to have business with retailers in Japan.

◆ We’re happy to be your sales agent in Japan, distribute your products to Japanese market on behalf of you.

◆ Also, we ourselves be a retailer, and sell your products via some online channels.